Use this handy checklist to determine the safety of each of your bicycles.

  1. BulletDo any parts rattle or seem loose?

  2. BulletDo you have to squeeze the brake levers hard to stop?

  3. BulletDo your brakes squeal when stopping or slowing?

  4. BulletDoes your bike shift on its own?

  5. BulletDo the wheels wobble from side to side?

  6. BulletDoes the steering seem loose? (squeeze the front brake and rock the bike front to back)

  7. BulletDo you have to inflate your tires often (weekly)?

  8. BulletDoes your chain appear rusty or does it click when pedaling?

  9. BulletAre your bike's cables frayed, rusty, or sticky?

  10. BulletHas it been more than one riding season since you last had your bike professionally tuned?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your bicycle needs to be serviced.

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Bicycle Safety Checklist

With all the dangers out there on the road, it is vital to ensure your bike is operating at peak efficiency, for your own safety, and that of your family.

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